Music Pro India brings you Music Themed, Photogenic, Colorful, Printed T-Shirts. High-quality Tees, Bio Wash, and Round Neck Black Color T-Shirts. We offer Handmade acoustic Violin made by our expert Luthiers, and many more Music Themed and Artistic Merchandise

Music Pro India is a brand of Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra (MMSO) An organization that has been working on promoting high-quality music education and performance training in India for years now. The internationally praised music e-learning online academy www. is another brand of MMSO. The company is founded by Maestro Michael Makhal, an internationally known Indian composer, conductor, and violinist. It was a dream for Michael to come up with an online store that would be dedicated to music and artistic-minded people, who love to wear musical and artistic statement-oriented apparel and desire to own handmade and real artistic merchandise and musical instruments.

Artistic Merchandise