About Us

Music Pro India brings you music-themed designer merchandise you always wished for, whether it is super photogenic t-shirts or handmade high-quality violins and music books that are rare to get, we will have all that covered. 

Music Pro India is a brand of Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd. An organization that has been working on promoting high-quality music education and performance training in India for years now. The widely praised music e-learning studio musiclesson.in is one of the prestigious brands of MMSO. The company is founded by Maestro Michael Makhal, an internationally known Indian composer, conductor, and violinist. It was a dream for Michael to come up with an online store that would be dedicated to all music lovers. Michael Makhal for MMSO has won the esteemed IAF Business Leadership Award for the Contribution in Nation Building and Outstanding Professional Achievement.

Maestro Makhal says: “I always wanted to wear music-themed, funny yet smartly designed Tshirts, but hardly anyone makes them, so I thought why not make it myself. We like to wear tees with quotes and statements, it means something to us, so they have to be special, very special. On the other hand, when it comes to Violin, I always consider handmade Violins are the best, which are very difficult to get, especially well-made, only highly trained luthiers can make it. And, unless the sound of an instrument is natural, rich in tone, and sweet in listening, the learning experience cannot be at its optimal level. So, you see, all the merchandise we are offering in Music Pro, is something we personally use in our terrain and wanted to share with all the music lovers. I thank you for dropping by and being part of the Music Pro community.”

Maestro Michael Makhal