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Brand: Wolfgang Violin from Music Pro
Size: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
Top Material Type: Spruce
Back Material Type: Maple
Finish Type: Varnish
Instrument: Violin
Making and Delivery time: 2 weeks to 3 weeks
GST: 18% GST will be added at the Checkout


About Wolfgang Violin

Recommended by Maestro Michael Makhal

  • The Violin: Wolfgang Violin is a handmade instrument made by highly skilled traditional Luthiers in India. The Violins have sweet sound and warm tone, it will last for decades.
  • Classic Design: Wolfgang Violin is made with love by some of the highly acclaimed traditional Luthiers in India. The handmade Violins are largely crafted by hand with minimal help of machine-work. It is beautifully hand-varnished instrument, indeed a work of art. The fittings – parts such as the chinrest and tailpiece are obtained from specialized makers. 
  • Fantastic Violin for Beginner and Intermediate level Students: It is important to have a good Violin at the beginner stage as the student requires adequate support from the instrument to make steady progress. Wolfgang Violin stands firm in helping the student making expected progress from the first day. It is also a great choice for intermediate-level students. The Violin with case and bow includes all the necessities to start learning to play the Violin. We recommend you to read all the details in the description below. 
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Brand: Wolfgang Violin from Music Pro
Size: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
Top Material Type: Spruce
Back Material Type: Maple
Finish Type: Varnish
Instrument: Violin
Making and Delivery time: 2 weeks to 3 weeks (every instrument is made individually)
Goods and Services Tax: 18% GST will be added at the Checkout
Product: From Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Pvt. Ltd.
Origin: India


Why opting for a Handmade Violin?

There are different styles of Violin making art based on traditional makers around the world; generally, handmade violins are made from carefully selected wood that is used for violins of higher quality. Special types of glues and varnishes are used to make handmade violins, that ensures the instruments to last for long. These glues are made of special ingredients of each family of luthier. The fittings — tailpiece, chinrest, etc. are obtained from specialized makers and used for the violins. Luthiers make the body in particular, which is largely responsible for the sound quality, and every luthier has their own way of making the violin, just like artists and painters. Luthiers generally don’t make the Violin Bow, it is made by bow makers. The top and back of the violin are usually made of spruce and maple, selected ones for a good violin-sounding tone, and ebony is used for parts like the fingerboard of the violin. A Luthier is a craftsperson who builds or repairs string instruments that have a neck and a sound box. The word luthier is originally French and comes from the French word for “lute”. Specialized Violin makers are commonly known as Luthiers in Europe and around the world.


More Details

Kit Includes: High-quality set of strings, 1 bow, an extra bridge, good quality rosin, along with a lightweight violin case.

Handle with Care: Violin is a delicate instrument, it must be handled with care and kept in a safe place. Tuning pegs must be handled with care and pushed in when adjusting with the help of the teacher.  

Take Expert Help: It is advised to take the help of an expert Violin teacher for guidance to learn how to handle and maintain the Violin in good condition for long period.

About the Bridge: The ‘bridge of the violin’ will not be pre-setup to avoid causing damage during the shipping. 

Shipping Period: Every instrument is made individually and they are unique in that sense. It can take two weeks to three weeks to reach you (This will also highly depend on different region of India). But, its worth the wait. And, we will certainly try that you receive the instrument as soon as possible. We use India Post for our shipping service and never had any problem.

Color & Design: The color will slightly differ from the picture on the screen, because the same image will look different on a laptop and mobile devices based on different resolution and display setting/quality. Also, as its a handmade violin, the color, purfling, sound, tone, design and shape, etc. are never 100% the same or identical. 

Refund: Wolfgang handmade violin is a non-refundable, non-cancelable and non-exchangeable product. The purchase is non-refundable unless the customer has received a damaged instrument. In that case, we advise the customer not to use the Violin or try to repair it, but take clear snapshots of the damage areas of the violin (from close and distance) and email us at , we will assist further based on our protocols.



We are a small business known for our international festivals, youth orchestra concerts in Europe and many interesting educational activities. We all are educators and professional musicians, and have been working with children in the field of music forever. This Violin brand is our effort to promote the Indian luthiers, who have long due recognition pending, and also, to help the young violinists of India to have a good instrument so they can learn adequately starting from the beginners level. We hope to have all the support of music lovers across India on our journey. In case, you have a complaint, do reach us at +91 8977642759, if we can’t pick up the call please leave a WhatsApp message and we will get back to you soon we can.

Additional information

Violin Size

2/4 Half Size, 3/4 Three Quarter, 4/4 Full Size